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Specification: (high) 1180 X (wide) 690 X 635 mm (deep)

Thickness: door: 1.2 mm, cabinet: 0.8 mm1

Password: 1-3

Net weight: 300 kilograms

Gross: 320 kilograms

Performance explains:

Properties of security: comply with A kind of security safe standard.

Fire performance: the international Hu press-room stretching a molding process, greatly enhance the security fire performance. Fire prevention function strictly accords with the international standard 1010 ℃ refractory 2 hours, internal temperature below 177 ℃.

Made of high quality cold-rolled steel plate thick, with efficient heat insulation sandwich, also with the ordinary and special drill cut against the performance of the destruction tools. The insurance product supply system mechanical trick lock, the drill billiards door lock.

Between the door and a unique reasonable of all-round reinforcement in lock structure.

Equipped with the advanced the percussion, mobile, the tilt internal fission alarm device.

Widely used in the company, family, financial, scientific research, files, the IT industry, the advertising industry, etc.