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The size (mm) : W355 xH525 xD425

Inner dimensions (mm) : W220xD250 xH360

Weight (kg) : 50

Door plank thickness (mm) : no

The thickness (mm) : no

The door of the oven number: 1

Internal-drawer number: 1

Internal-activities shelf count: 0

Appendages: key

Locks type: mechanical lock

Password capacity: 4 files

Performance: fire prevention, automatic alarm

International authentication: America UL

Applicable objects: the company, family, bank, scientific research, the archives

Colour: light green, dark gray

Characteristic introductions: the use of special efficient fire materials; The seamless casting process;

Strong mechanical locks and bolt head;

Reliable insurance the and hinge;

In 1030 ℃ high temperature burning after an hour, ensure the cabinet in 118 ℃ temperature below;

Fits UL refractory test standard.